Most enthusiasts in the crypto space perceive cryptocurrencies as a revolt against central bank policies that have created wide wealth inequality. There are both right and wrong but it is the latter that is more important.

Central banks have created inequality due to their policies designed to avert a deflation…

Not only physical cash should not be terminated but there should be enough around in case of an extreme event for hedging purposes. I explain below.

Lately there are signs of a push towards digital currencies mainly by the European Central Bank but also from some groups that believe these…

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I am not a mathematician but I find it interesting that while some people are preparing to go to Mars, mathematics, the most basic science and the language used to model the world hasn’t made up its mind yet about the choice of mathematical functions for base 10 and natural…

Image by Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker insisted in Twitter yesterday that

The two world wars were spikes, not harbingers of a trend. Since end of WWII, death rates have roller-coastered down.

Here is the tweet:

Nassim Nicholas Taleb offered a swift reply:

N. Taleb writes in Statistical Consequences of Fat Tails:


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